This is why, we have terrorism all over the world.


No one protests with that ? European leaders suck US balls big time since 1945… they could bomb whatever the shit they want and Europe would still go “good job, they deserved it’.

More like USA and her league of butt licking nations vs “the bad guys”.

First, you just don’t come across the world to punish other country for what they have done to their own people. We have International Court of Justice, in Netherlands.

Second, if Syria can get punished this way, then Duterte on Philippines might get punished as well for his policy towards drug dealers.

Third, no one can guarantees that Syria Gov. really used the chemical weapon to kill their own people. What if the rebels done it? And Syria Gov. was blamed for it.

Fourth, if I were the rebel leader, I will kill some of my people and playing victim. There is no victory without some sacrifice or some bandages.

Fifth, if you dislike your Gov., you can frame your Gov. by using chemical weapon, so US will punish after. That’s so fucked up. The Liberals Democrats can use this formula to take down Trump Gov. as well.

Sixth, in the 1970’s US used agent Orange to kill crops in Vietnam war.. and caused huge genetic deformities for generations. They did same with unexploded land mines in Vietnam, dumped the rest in Laos and Cambodia.. again generations of amputees. US thinks they are world’s police. Hypocrites!

In most case, I hate the Muslims. I oppose their barbaric Islamic values, but this formula of framing the gov. by using chemical weapon can be used by any other rebel group all around the world or even refugees in the EU. XinJiang Vs. China, Southern Thailand Extremists Vs. Thailand, Papua Vs. Indonesia, Democrat Liberals Vs. Trump, Refugees in EU Vs. EU, Aceh Vs. Indonesia, Maluku Vs. Indonesia, Taiwan Vs. China and so on.

There are two kinds of evil people in this world. Those who do evil stuff and those who see evil stuff being done and don’t try to stop it.



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