Deep condolences

Most people including my parents would assume that I appear quite, cold and reserved because I was born this way. What they might not be able to understand is I analyze everything from alpha to omega, process all the information with precise calculations, observe my surroundings, being thoughtful, expand my awareness to the planes or points that still become misery and will be explored later decades from today.

It amuses me how most mortals only use max. 10% of their brain capacity. And by that, only Einstein, Tesla, Davinci and other great people who able to reach 10% of their capacities to discover the existence in global scale, just to aware if Milkyway Galaxy is already big enough and still no one able to explore it all, there has IC1101 as the largest galaxy we could ever admit until this moment.

Other than that, it also elevate my knowledge in understanding humanity on this earth. As if they are really deserved a chance to alive to this world, to this plane, to the existence. And all they would be able to do after they were given a chance are either being destructive to each others, enslaved themselves, suffer and keep surviving or war over religions. Fight and killing to prove that their Gods are the best, they ignore every probabilities that Gods are just metaphor for the Universe.
Something that no other beings able to explain what/who is the Universe, when was it start, where is its end, and how far is its limit.

Islam might called the religion of peace, and if 60% of its people are corrupted, while the other 40% do nothing to regenerate or evolve those corrupted, instead of waiting to get infected later.. It lost the essence already.

I wonder what would Mohammed aware and learn after all these chaos, destructive and hatred to the civilizations or simply humanity, he started hundred years ago by declaring himself as a Prophet.

May those innocent souls in Pakistan, rest in peace.



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