Rosina Collagen Indonesia

Mods: You like to think of yourselves as direct. Perhaps you are just rude.
Me: You like to think you’re poets but perhaps you’re just touchy.

So here I create: 

Here are the things:
**First at all, you really have to read and re-read this post, until you are fully understand with what you gonna deal
**So you don’t have ask idiot Qs where you actually can find the answers here, but you one lazy motherfucking reader.
**I sell the supplements, try to make it easier to be reached by you
**I might provide some help tips, but I’m not going to give you fucking constant consultations through sms; line or whatsapp. And it is not going to be happened ! You got things that valued for IDR 600,000 and yes., money never lies. If you have further questions, post them on Femaledaily Forums, so people who have the same cases like you could learn well. I’m not your fucking personal Advisor.
**Re-think many times before you try to put your email on the comment section below. So I assume, that I’d just have to wait your payment transfered after I sent the email to you.
**I’d just black list your email, throw it up to the junk bin after 1 day without any payment transfered to my account. Cause it simply makes another 4 orders get stucked. 4 other buyers would wait desperately for your transfer. Beside, I’m not going to waste my time to wait and beg for that. You are the one who need the supplement, you have to come and bow to. I don’t live my life from this supplement’s profits.


Rosina Collagen Indonesia:

**Premium Grade Hydrolized Marine Collagen (Not suitable for seafood allergen)

**Premium Grade Vitamin C

**Premium Grade Vit. B3

**Acerola Cherry Extract

IDR 650,000 per bottle(60 vegan capsules), arrived in 12 days. (Regarding to USD 1 = IDR 12,000, I rise the price 50,000 per bottles. Cause I ain’t hold this loss too much, since I used to label tag it when the exchange rate was USD 1 = IDR 11,200).

For faster and best result, takes 5 capsules for the first 5 nights. And after, you could always reduce to 1 – 3 capsules per night.


Rosina Plus Collagen Indonesia which is 5 times better:

**Premium Grade Hydrolized Marine Collagen

**Rose Hip

**Oligopin / Pine Bark Extract

**Crystal Tomato (Non GMO/Genetically Modified Organism; Some shits Monsanto creates for)

IDR 520,000 per bottle(30 vegan capsules), arrived in 12 days.

For faster and best result, takes 3 capsules for the first 3 nights. And after, you could always reduce to 1 – 2 capsules per night.



**Boost the glutathione inside your liver to brighten your skin, give it luminous tone. But it’s still impossible to turn your Afro’s skin into Korean’s tone. So, deal with it and stop dreaming !

**Prevent acne, tighten pores and reduce acne scars or irritations(redness)

**Calm the inflamation skin, sunburnt skin, light case rosacea

**Glow the skin, make the skin looks much healthier and supple, rejuvenate skin, restore skin’s youthness.

**Great antioxidant, but still below Astaxanthin’s level.

**Great collagen helps aging Mamas, raise your bodacious tatas and hips as well !

**Healthy skin naturally boost your lips to show its pinkish color

**Works best on sensitive, oily, acne prone, aging and dry skin type. Not suitable for combination skin type or people who tend to allergic with seafood.

**Hydrolized collagen still acceptable for pregnant and breastfeed Mamas. However, consult your Ob-Gyn for best advice.



Q: Could Rosina prevents stress and depression ?

A: Nope. But selenium, lot of sex in my opinion personally, shopping and dollars do !


Q: Could Rosina heals my acne scars ?

A: Aww yish ! No doubt !


Q: If I stop to drink Rosina, would my skin turns back bad or even worse ?

A: Rosina isn’t a mother f*cking Drug, it holds your skin’s quality around 2 weeks, but yes We are humans who need daily additional Supplements. It’s like you have to replace Rosina with some other worth supplements, so your daily needs would be fulfilled.

Q: How do I know if you sell the fake Rosina, instead authentic one ?

A: , verify me with them then !


Q: Do you or would you sell another supplements, products beside Rosina ?
A: I only sell the products or supplements which ‘ve been consumed by me for long term and give me great results. Anyway, I never want to sell another shits where you actually could find them in drugstores or supplement stores in the malls.


Q: Do you think I should purchase this gorgeous Rosina now or later ?
A: Well, since I paid it through Western Union which still got 50% discount to money transfer to Thailand. You suppose order it immediately, cause other than that, I’d raise the price for more than IDR 650,000/bottle and yes money never lies. I’m suffering right now from the IDR USD currency for IDR 11,600 which I barely get any profit, and I still accept the orders, so you can look even prettier !


Q: Do you know, how not to be ugly ?
A: Just don’t be ugleeey..


Q: How do I know, if you really take some guts for my orders ? Especially after I paid them all ? How could I trace where are the packages currently ?
A: First at all, you could always text me some sms, and yes. I apologize if I don’t reply immediately, and do not asking me that through the thread in Femaledaily Forum, otherwise the Moderator might lock the thread for moments which we all and God never know. And anyway, I don’t handle your shits only. So calm down !
I don’t want to publish the trace codes here, since package thieves could steal the package once it’s arrived in Indonesia already through the tracing codes. I don’t even obligate to show those trace codes as an E-Commerce ethics, to avoid any iresponsible attitudes, but yeah.. Some of you are quite nosy, so what can I say ?


Q: Do you have any tips or advices how to prevent acnes ?
A: I always wear non spf foundation which may not or even doesn’t contain any sunblock agents like zinc or titanium dioxide that clog our pores. We are the generation of sunblock, we bath ourselves in the sunblock, so our liver screams so frustating that we don’t get enough natural Vit. D from the morning sunshine, and the Liver works together with the brain in “Stress Operation” to open up our pores in a way to get more sunlight for the Vit. D suffered.
Any organic things in the world always follow one rule. They get oxidized by the oxygen, rotten up and die like your old hope.. Vit. D in the cow milks are useless, you drink something that supposed be oxidized for days until it touches your lips. Anyway, we still need the idiots to purchase milks into their daily diet, otherwise tons and tons of people would be jobless, the same goes with those tobacco co., you just can’t shut down those co.
I drink grapeseed extract 95% pills to have natural sunscreen over my body. Sunblock is so 50’s for people who avoid those radiation from the chernobyl :D


Q: We met once before and have a good free consultation with you; I saw you once walked so fast in the public; and I want to say that you look gorgeous, you have wide knowledge, tall, slim, sexy and Fierce.
A: I knowwwwww *Whispering*. I’m fabulous and I’m always fabulous. Duh ! And I don’t need my Mom or my Grandma to tells me so.


Q: Is there any side effects to consume this Rosina ?

A: Yes. Only if you allergic to seafood, but so far it’s just a marine collagen. And, you’ll waste your time more often in front of the mirror either to feel so amazed or take some selfies.


Q: I’m a Mom with a new baby that I just kicked out of my belly. And currently, I choke him everyday with my bodacious tatas. Or you can call me a Breastfeed Mom. Could I consume this Rosina ? Cause being fat is ok (Temporary; Terms and Conditions apply) but not with being ugly.

A: Oh yeahh, Madafaka, yeahh.. But please consult with your Obgyn first. So far as I and you also can read on the internet’s articles that Marine based collagen is advisable compares to the Bovine based one.


Q: Is it really Rosina being sold in Indonesia or you just another kind of Scam ? Why don’t you type in Indonesian ?

A: Well, I’m just imported the Rosina to Indonesia. And my buyers mainly are Femaledaily users and some random Yogyakarta people who don’t have usernames on Femaledaily but surprisingly they know my website, which normal to speak; write; or even type in English. Beside, I’m still able to speak in Cantonese Chinese; German; Indonesian; Russian. I’m a Commie :P


Q: Where does Rosina come from ?

A: It’s founded in Thailand; manufactured in Thailand. And some of the premium ingredients selectively came from Japan like its hydrolyzed marine collagen.


Q: I’m a self centered Jew, Moslems from ordinary one to radical or even Militan, Buddhist who is a Vegan but swears and curse a lot. Could I consume this Rosina ?

A: For sure, you could and you have. Rosina contains Marine Collagen, which is Halal, Kosher and Vegan, since it doesn’t came from Bovine or Placenta materials like others have. It’s halal certified.


Q: How could I make a payment ? And how do you deliver the package ?

A: Through Bank Transfer. And I’d deliver it within 5-7 days through TIKI; JNE; or Pos Indonesia. As long you don’t live that far like on Eastern Indonesia which costs a lot on the postal package, I don’t really think I’ve to charge you more with the postal package fee. If the postal package fee charges more than IDR 50,000 I’d ask you filth.


Q: I’m still surviving from Severe Acne since I was teen. Should I take Rosina together with other supplements ?

A: Ohh.. Poor you ! What a shame ! Well.. that’s embarassing. But Rosina helps reducing your scars, inflamation, redness and prevent another pimple to showing up. If I could make good advice, you may also have to take ALA/Alpha Lipoic Acid, colon cleansing and detox programs for that dirty spleen ! Don’t you ever take any Roaccutane or Vit. A deritative, cause I used to suffer from being ugly like your face right now with those pills. I never believe in purging and shits. It’s just what idiots say so.


Q: Have you ever take some whitening or Vit. C injections before, or you just consume supplements only ?
A: I did many times, with the Vit. C, Selenium and some shits call K*tion from Dr. SiMonYet that charges me over IDR 4 millions and result nothing. I’m so glad that the Mod. in Forum also closed the thread relate to this shady ape, the Mod. probably was one of the victims like me :D Sometimes, I feel like you gurls should also being cheated by him, so I don’t feel like I’m the idiot one. But in other side, I feel like life must goes on and you don’t deserve it. I don’t use any Doctor creams or injections anymore since last 2 years, and my face keeps getting gorgeous(And aging, that’s why I need Rosina as well).


Q: I’m a Hot Mama in 30+ years old. I still have great skin condition, but should I take this Rosina ?
A: Nope, you don’t have to. So, get off.


Q: *Still the same Hot Mama* But somehow I want to have 1 – 3 brighter tones for my skin. Could Rosina grants that wish ?

A: First at all, please check your inner arm tone. Rosina or even other brightening ‘stuffs’ only able to brighten your skin into that tone for the maximum. I don’t sell dreams or bullshit promises. I sell Rosina.


Q: I’m a guy, could I take Rosina for my acne ? or is Rosina manufactured for women only ?

A: I support gender equality and fight sick Feminists. For sure, guy who fights acne or even ‘guy’ who usually order ice green tea latte in Starbucks, catch fast attention to hunky guys and wants to be pretty could always drink Rosina.


Q: I’m annoying 14 years old teen who love to take selfies as often as I could, seek lot of attentions through facebook’s status and I suffer from acne monthly especially after my period. Could I get this Rosina ?

A: Ewwww… Nay ! You should rely on your Growth Hormone in such that age. You aren’t considered as aging yet, and some mild treatments would be able to help you a lot. So, Bam !


Q: Do you also use this Rosina, or you just speak some bullshits and sell it only ?
A: How dare you ! I use Rosina daily(And also other drug store’s supplements), I’ve great skin condition, and I get drop dead gorgeous !


Q: Do you have any before and after pictures for using Rosina ?

A: Actually, I don’t. You could read some reviews on the Femaledaiy’s Forums, and I avoid to post some before and after pictures, cause I’m not a god damn Online Shopping which usually advertized through Blackberry Messengers. I’m like a school on Monday, I’ve class. I also don’t need people to give testimonials, the users who tried Rosina mostly become repeater buyers. But if you’d like to meet me up just to adore my skin tone by the Rosina, I’d just grant your wish ;)


Q: And how could I contact you to purchase this Rosina ?

A: Leave your email on the comment section, I’d get in touch with you immediately. Or, send me a private message through Femaledaily’s Forum. For the security management reason and also to protect your email address being throwed by scam and spam emails, exposed to other people cause yeah few of your emails came from stars and also to avoid that your email being signed up to some weird fetishes; kinky porn sites, I’d regularly delete all the comments sections after 1 week long.


62 thoughts on “Rosina Collagen Indonesia

  1. icy

    hai azulyc,
    aku mau rosina dong dan please sarannya rosina ini harus dibarengi konsumsi apa supaya hasilnya maksimal.jerawat aku semuka dan merah2.goldar aku O dan sekarang udah 2 minggu proses detoks pake aku
    mksh :)

  2. desyy

    neng, akhirnya ketemu jg blog mu, gimana caranya order ini rossina, please info nya yak unique_eschie@yahoo,com , thanks ya neng..

  3. grace graciolin

    hai azulyc, first of all you RROOCCKKKZZZ hahaha seriously gw ikutin every single comment lo di FD. Anyway, Im an early 30 mother of two cute monsters, golongan darah B. Suffering really bad acne scars, large pores and some active acnes. Acne masi terkontrol dengan topical treatment dari SK Please contact me : for ordering rosina n some tips for suitable supplement regime. Thanks before

      1. Arief Ridho K

        Yes.. Yes you are. Anyway where’s the response? I haven’t received anything from u

  4. ira

    dear kak azulyc. aku udah transfer utk rosina tgl 10 mei..udah sms dan email konfirmasi. sdh ada blm ya kak? trmksh kak

  5. ira

    dear kak azulyc…apa kbr rosina-nya? aku transfer 10 mei kak…oh iya wkt itu kata kak azulyc udah otw ke tempatnya kakak tgl 21 mei… aku tunggu ya kak…thx


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