Kata-Kata + Program Brainwave

**Accelerated learning
I concentrate easily for long periods
I remember everything I study
My mind is incredibly powerful
I trust my subconscious mind
I rapidly absorb new information
I am highly focused
I know all the answers
I understand everything I study
I am learning very fast
I am confident about learning
I know I can learn faster
I now solve every problem
I remember all the answers
My memory is fantastic
I relax while I’m studying
I am incredibly focused
I have a new attitude
I know I will succeed
I work hard for success
Studying is important to me
I can do anything
I take in all the information
I remember accurately
I have a photographic memory
I love to learn

**Accept myself
I am fine the way I am
I change the things I can change
It’s great being me
I accept the things I can’t change
I have a charming smile
I am intelligent and caring
The new me is emerging
I’m being kinder to myself
I make friends with myself
My smile is so charming
I have witty eyes
My smile attracts people
My eyes are so witty
People love my smile
People like my eyes
My face attracts people
People adore my handsome face
I make friends with myself
My smile is so charming
I have witty eyes
My smile attracts people
I am cute
People love my witty eyes
My eyes are so witty
I walk like deer
My walk so charming
I have charming aura
People love me
People like me
People like my eyes
My face attracts people
People adore my handsome face
I am cute
People love my witty eyes
I make friends with myself
My smile is so charming
I have witty eyes
My smile attracts people
My eyes are so witty
I walk like deer
My walk so charming
I have charming aura
I love to smile
I love to give charming smile
My charming smile is loved by people
I accept myself
I keep myself right
I do right things
I do good things
I have faith in love
I keep my faith in love
I attract love
Love comes to me
My Soulmate comes to me
Love comes true to me
Love finds me
I save money
I love to save money
My face is so handsome
My face looks so adorable
My face shows true beauty
My face clears from acne
My face is so bright
I have normal face skin
People listen to my voice
My voice sounds so sensual
My voice turns people on
My voice makes people horny
My body is so sexy
My body looks so sexy
I am a lovely person
My smile is so charming
I have faith in good things
I have faith in right things
I love my job
I can deal with all problems
I can face problems easily
I solve all problems right and easy
I respect old people
I love my parents
I care old people
I love my siblings
I fully accept myself
I now recognize friendship
I now accept all friendship
I am a nice person
People like me
People love me
I am more positive than ever
I make a difference to the world
I am perfectly lovable
I do those things I enjoy
I feel now really good about myself
I am a lovable human being
I now draw people towards me
I am warm and sincere with others
I find happiness within myself

**Accepting criticism
Advice helps me succeed
Criticism helps me
Criticism is a good part of life
Criticism is my tool to improve
Feedback strengthens my abilities
I absorb positive critique
I accept all criticism graciously
I am grateful for advice
I am more than my critics’ opinion
I logically examine all criticism
I accept criticism over my work and myself
I find the point to all criticism
I am open to criticism
I am respectful when I critique
I ask advice from leaders
I can take criticism
I choose whom I accept criticism from
I do good work
I enjoy receiving critique
I give honest feedback
I handle criticism better each day
I recognize helpful feedback
I request feedback from strong people
I request sincere critique
I search out critique from peers
I see the truth in criticism
I seek out honest critique
I seek out quality feedback
I welcome positive criticism
I critique my own work
I accept criticism from others
I use criticism to improve
I recognize and use beneficial acts and words
I receive comments with grace and charm
I examine criticism wisely
Criticism helps me succeed
Second opinions are welcome
I handle remarks calmly
I build my character with criticism
I improve my skills with advice
I listen to positive criticism
I think calmly when angry
I give positive criticism
I criticize myself and others positively
I decide who I listen to

**Acne eliminator
My skin is getting clearer
I study dietary advice
I drink more and more water
Oil glands are getting drier
New skin taking over
Day by day my skin improves
I trust my mind to heal my skin
Spots disappear now
My skin is improving
I know what foods help me
As I sleep my skin improves
My acne is clearing fast
I am happy my spots are fading
Clearer skin every day
I direct my self to heal
My hormones are adjusting
My mind is helping me do this
Everyday I see improvement
Spots are drying up now
Skin is healing perfectly
Scarring disappearing now
My diet is improving
I am healing rapidly
I heal completely

**Alcohol addiction
I am happy without alcohol
I am relaxed without alcohol
I like being sober
Alcohol is a waste of money
I am happier without alcohol
I can control what I drink
I like soft drinks
Soft drinks are more thirst quenching
I feel better when I drink water
I have more fun when I am sober


I am at peace with myself

I have tremendous self control
I am relaxed
I am peaceful
My thoughts are peaceful
I care deeply about others
I love life
I am proud of my self control
All is well
I handle problems intelligently
Each day brings me peace
I love to smile
Breathing relaxes me
I cherish my inner peace
I am a loving person

I am young
I am youthful
I am filled with energy
I feel powerful
My health is excellent
Every day I feel more youthful and enthusiastic
I live a healthy lifestyle of proper diet and exercise
I am excited about life and I feel vigorous
I am as young as I feel and every day I feel younger
I now recapture my youthful vigor and enthusiasm
Every day I think more positively
I really feel good
I now act younger and feel younger
I love the way I look
I sparkle with vitality
I am a dynamic person
I feel young and powerful
I am living to the full

I am calm
I am succeeding
I am relaxed
I can think clearly
Everything is under control
It’s easy to relax
I dwell on good events in my life
I am calm with everything I do
I respond to others calmly
I keep myself in positive environments
I am easygoing
I calm my mind easily
I am happy and relaxed
I make friends with myself
My smile is so charming
I have witty eyes
My smile attracts people

**Better driving
I am a good driver
I am aware of other road users
I am relaxed about my test
I am a safe driver
I am good at judging distance
I am good at judging speed
I drive at the correct speed
I forgive other people’s mistakes
I concentrate easily while driving
I am relaxed while driving
I am in control of my car
I know the width of my car
My reflexes are great

Total concentration is mine
I have the power to focus my concentration at will
I remain alert and focused
I easily block thoughts unrelated to what I am working on
My goal of super concentration is easily achieved
I can focus easily

**Control your dreams
I am aware of the un-ordinary
I am aware when I begin to dream
I am aware when I dream
I am in control while I dream
I am invincible when dreaming
I am omnipotent in dreams
I am safe in my dreams
I am strong in my dreams
I am the most powerful in my dreams
I am what I want to be in my dreams
I ask myself if I am in a dream
I can awake when I want to
I quickly take control of my dreams
I instantly recognize when I am dreaming
I know when I am asleep
I can do anything I want in my dreams
I can dream when I want to
I can stop my dreams
I choose when to end my dreams
I control my dreams
I control the length of my dreams
I improve dream recollection daily
I know everything in my dreams
I know when I dream
I question my dreams consciously
I recognize dreams when I have them
I remember all dreams completely
I rule my dreams
I test reality frequently
I use imagination in my dreams
I wake when I want
My lucid dreams are great
I know when I’m dreaming
I am fully aware in my sleep
I remember my dreams vividly
I control my dreams
I am conscious when I dream
I know I can do anything when I dream
I know I can create or destroy anything in my dreams
I know when I am sleeping
I live my fantasies in my dreams
My dreams are clear and crisp
I am in full control of my dreams
I am invincible in my dreams
I am anything in my dreams
I know when I am sleeping
I go anywhere in my dreams
I wake up when I want to
I remember my dreams easily

**Dealing with pain
The pain is reducing
I feel fine
My body feels good
I am getting better
I feel healthy
I feel good
My aches are reducing
Pain is insignificant
The pain is un-important
The pain is fading
My mind is blocking out the pain
I feel much better
I will not focus on the pain
The pain will not control me

I feel great
I feel wonderful
I am happy
I am satisfied
I accept myself as is
I love myself
I have tremendous mental strength
Things are always improving
Thinking brings wonderful feelings
I have great inner peace
I have great confidence in myself
I am a positive person
I love life
I am a winner
I am strong
Life is beautiful
I feel a positive power within
I am a great person

I am very proud of myself
I feel confidence from within
I am proud of the person I am
I love nutritious meals
I am in control
I eat well and exercise
I have a craving to exercise
I am filled with new energy
I can accomplish anything
I feel incredible
I live a healthy lifestyle
I follow nutritional guidlines
I am organized and energetic
I watch what I eat
I only want food for nutrition
I love fruit
I want to snack on fruit
I love walking
I feel healthy

**Dissolve tension
I am at peace
I am calm around people
I am calm now
I am completely relaxed
I am happy now
I am in control of my life
I embrace today happily
I exhale and stress leaves
I look forward to tomorrow
I make good decisions
I relax instantly
I release all worries
I release stress instantly-
I remember pleasant moments
I think great things
I think happy thoughts
It is okay for me to be relaxed
My reality is great
My thoughts are happy thoughts
My thoughts are positive

**Drug addiction
I am happier without drugs
I can give up drugs easily
I hate taking drugs
I hate drugs
I am in control of my life without drugs
People like me more when I am clean
I want to live drug free
I will resist my cravings
I want a clear mind
I hate taking drugs

**Eye sight improvement
My eye sight is getting better
I can see better
I can focus at all distances
My vision is better than it was
My peripheral vision is getting better
I am less dependent on my glasses
I can see better when I relax
I can see better in the dark
My eyes are improving

I am an energetic person
I feel refreshed
I tackle life head on
I seek daily accomplishments
Life is rewarding
I love the challenge of the day
I am full of energy
I love to exercise
My mind is alert and ready
I have tremendous mental energy
I have tremendous physical energy
I finish what I start
I am in love with life
I feel dynamic
I am an active person
I crave new challenges
I love being active

**Fear of flying
I am peaceful when I think of airplanes
I am relaxed at airports
I enjoy flying
I can relax when flying
Flying is rewarding
Flying is good
I am calm when I think of flying
Flying is peaceful
I like flying and airplanes
Flying is enjoyable

I forgive my parents for their mistakes
I forgive my family
I forgive myself for my mistakes
I forgive myself
I forgive my friends
I forgive the government for its mistakes
I forgive myself for errors of judgments
I forgive my colleagues for their errors of judgment
I forgive my manager

**Get motivated
I like to start projects
I love to finish projects
I am enthusiastic
I am enthusiastic about working
New tasks excite me
I am enjoying what I’m doing now
I love my current work
I reward myself for good work
Inspiration comes quickly
I am strongly motivated
I learn fast
I remember everything
I am always prepared
Learning is exciting
I succeed in all that I do
Motivation is good for me
I can accomplish anything now
I work now to succeed
I don’t quit
I am confident in all that I do and say
I have tremendous energy and must work now
I am energized and ready to work
I can be successful right now
I am happy when I am working hard
I am motivated
My motivation comes easily
I get things done early
I complete everything on time
I start every project early
I am happy working
I see the benefits to my work
I am motivated by my own will to succeed
I reward myself for finishing projects
I love my work
I am motivated for every goal
I improve my relationships
I do outstanding work
I am inspired from within
My motivation is greater than the ocean
I am enthusiastic
My success motivates me further
Success is my driving force in life
I prepare for everything
I learn fast
I love applying what I learn

**Improve your career
My unique and creative talents and abilities flow through me
There is a huge demand for my particular skills and abilities
I can pick and choose what I want to do
My work is enjoyable and fulfilling
I earn good money doing what I enjoy
New opportunities are opening up for me everyday
I am successful at whatever I choose to do
Every day in everyway I’m getting better, and better

**Improve your health
I heal myself
The mind is capable of anything
My mind heals all
I have a positive outlook
I have a bright future
I feel refreshed
I feel renewed
I am perfectly healthy
I love life
I go forward with a vengence
I feel wonderful
I am relaxed and confident
I am overflowing with great health
I feel uplifted
My body is a fortress
I am strong and determined
I am a winner

**Increased assertiveness
I make my opinions known
My opinions are worthwhile
I make a valuable contribution
I am important
My views are important
People listen to me
People want to hear me
I am changing my life
I am taking charge of my life
I react well with bullies
I expect people to be kind to me
I deserve to be treated well
I demand to be treated well
I demand respect
I do what I want to do
I let do only those things I like
I ask for what I want
I tell people what I want
I can say NO
I can refuse things I do not want
I cope well when others are unhappy
I do things which please me

I am sleeping peacefully throughout the night
Peaceful sleep has become a reality
I fall asleep early and sleep well
I wake up relaxed and refreshed
I can go to sleep at will
I love to sleep

**Millionaire mind
I am willing to succeed
I accept affluence
I deserve prosperity
I attract opportunity
I am wealthy
Riches flow into my life
I have a knack for creating value and wealth
My life is full of joy
Making money is fun
I deserve the good life
I expect success
I learn from others
I am confident in my abilities and skills
Dreams can come true
I turn ideas into action
I create wealth easily and effortlessly
I take responsibity for my life and my actions
I make great things happen
I love to help people
I give generously and receive graciously
I come up with new ideas for making money
People love to help me
Money is good
I recognize opportunites all around me
Money is freedom
I deserve to be free
It’s fun to create
I deserve success
I live a life of abundance
I attract money like a magnet
I am rewarded for my efforts

I am valuable

**Leadership skills
I am a leader to be followed
I am a natural leader
I am a strong leader
I am a wise leader
I am an excellent leader
I am courageous
I am informed
I am responsible
I am strong
I exude confidence
I follow examples of great leaders
I lead by example
I lead with confidence
I make great decisions
I take care of my duties
My choices are the right choices
My leadership skills grow daily
Others follow me willingly
Others look to me for guidance
People look to me for answers

**Loose weight
I am becoming slimmer
I am energetic
My health is important
I can achieve a balanced lifestyle
I like to exercise
I exercise often
I am reaching my ideal weight
I like eating healthy food
Sour food is more interesting
I like sour food
I look good
I respect my body
Other people respect me
I am achieving a healthy weight

**Memory improvement
I am extremely insightful
I am the master of my memory
I can recall everything
I have a powerful memory
I have a strong memory
I have an accurate memory
I keep memories within easy reach
I recall instantly
I remember
I remember easily
I remember everything
I remember information easily
I remember my tasks
I remember quickly
I remember the things I need to
I remember what I want to
I sharpen my memory every day
I trust in my memories
It is easy to recall facts
It is okay to remember
My memory is active and awake
My memory is better daily
My memory is complete and accurate
My memory is razor sharp
My memory is stronger each day
My memory serves me well
I do remember names and faces
I do remember facts
I do remember figures
I do spend time trying to remember
I do remember things which are important
I do remember to fulfill my obligations
I do become better at remembering
I am good at remembering
My memory is excellent
I remember everything I need to
I retain all necessary information
I command my ability to remember events
I remember my past
I let memories come naturally
I absorb knowledge freely
I share my memories wisely
I remember information accurately
I always remember things
I remember everything when I need to
My memory is powerful
I recall information easily and accurately
My memory is infinite
I use my memories to make informed decisions
I remember what I want to
I trust my memory completely
My memory improves every day
I am calm when remembering things
I recall things quickly
I share my memories wisely

**Overcome shyness
I easily talk to anyone I have a desire to meet
I am clever, witty and relaxed
I have immense courage
I’m fit and attractive
I keep my body in great shape
I remember to compliment people
I am happy with myself
I am comfortable talking in meetings
I am capable of bringing new people into my life

I am happy being wealthy
I am good at creating wealth
I handle my money with care
I understand the value of money
I am successful in making money
Money is my friend
I enjoy making money
I like creating wealth
I am comfortable in owning money
I am valuable to the world
People pay me well
I am rich

**Personal development
I am better at what I do
I am achieving what I want to achieve
I am fulfilling my needs
I am a better person
I am always improving
I am a more all-round person
My character is improving
I am more mature
I am aware of my needs
I am happier
Motivation subliminal messages
I am motivated
I am doing what needs to be done
I am achieving my goals
I like achieving my goals
I am working towards my goals
I feel passionately that I must do my work
My goals are very important to me
I am happy achieving my goals

**Public speaking
I WOW my audience
I adapt easily to my audience
I am a brilliant speaker
I am a confident speaker
I am a fearless speaker
I am a knowledgeable speaker
I am a popular speaker
I am a professional speaker
I am a speaking icon
I am a strong speaker
I am a witty speaker
I am an expressive speaker
I am comfortable giving speeches
I am comfortable in all situations
I am confident in speaking
I am listened to automatically
I am relaxed when I speak
I am respected when I talk
I am very articulate
I captivate my audience
I excite my audience
I express myself in my speeches
I give great speeches
I have a magic ability to speak
I have an excellent vocabulary
I have the gift of speech
I impress everyone who I talk to
I improve my speaking public skills daily
I know I look great
I look forward to giving speeches
I love the attention of speaking
I love to speak in public
I love to stand in front of people to speak
I make eye contact with my audience
I present myself perfectly
I remember every word of my speech
I speak about interesting topics
I speak about what I know
I speak each word clearly
I speak in public easily
I speak profoundly
I stand tall and confidently
I was made to give speeches
It is okay to be a great speaker
My audience listens
My face carries my words perfectly
My speeches are enthralling
My speeches are exciting
My speeches come naturally
My speeches flow perfectly
Public speaking is fun
Speeches are easy for me

**Quit smoking
I am becoming more healthy
I am energetic smoke-free
I am free from cigarettes
I am happy smoke-free
I am in control
I am okay to quit smoking-
I am ready to stop smoking
I am smoke-free
I am stronger as a non-smoker
I can ask for help
I control my life
I enjoy being free of smoke
I feel better about myself
I feel free from smoke
I hate cigarettes
I have fresh smoke-free breath
I have quit smoking
I have tremendous will power
I hate the taste of smoke
I hate the smell of smoke
I influence others to quit smoking
I like to smell smoke-free
I live better smoke-free
I live longer smoke-free
I love being smoke-free
I love healthy habits
I quit smoking now
I release myself from smoke
I smoke less each day
My cravings are for fresh air
My lungs love fresh air
People like me smoke-free
Smoke-free is healthy
I look better

**Rapid calm
I am at peace
I am breathing deeply
I am calm
I am relaxed
I am relaxing
I am still
I breathe deeply
I feel light
I feel no pain
I feel peaceful
I release all fears
I release all worries
I release my burdens
My body is light
My head is calm
My heart is free
My mind is quiet
My soul is at peace
My spirit is calm
Peace comes to me

I am getting quicker
My thoughts are quick
I can think and act quickly
My reasons are getting better
I am learning to be quicker
Concentration;I can concentrate easily
I can concentrate for a long time
I can maintain concentration
My concentration is improving
I can hold an idea in my head for a long time
I can handle many ideas at the same time
I am focused
I find it hard to be distracted
I can think clearly

**Speed reading
I absorb information instantly
I absorb words and meanings instantly
I am a better speed reader each day
I am a fast reader
I am a walking dictionary
I am able to understand new words
I am aware of slang
I amaze myself at how great I can read
I amaze myself at how great I can talk
I become a faster reader daily
I can read brilliantly
I comprehend all I read
I comprehend slang
I comprehend words at a glance
I comprehend words instantly
I get respect when I talk
I have a fast and capable mind
I know how to speed read
I know what I read
I learn fast
I learn foreign words quickly
I learn new words easily
I learn really fast
I process what I read instantly
I read at the speed of thought
I read complete phrases at once
I read complete sentences at once
I read faster each day
I read very quickly
I read with speed
I recognize entire words instantly
I recognize words at a glance
I retain everything I read
I speed read for fun
I understand all words fast
I understand every context
My vocabulary grows daily
My vocabulary grows easily
My vocabulary is amazing
Speed reading is fun
Words flow easily into my mind
I recognize words easily
I recognize phrases and paragraphs quickly
I am lexical by nature
I understand vocabulary easily
I learn new words quickly
I recognize key words easily
I use context to understand meaning
I learn foreign terms easily
I understand common words very fast
I understand common phrases very quickly
My vocabulary increases daily
I command my language with enthusiasm
I understand slang and idioms easily
I read as quickly as I think
I understand language differences
I comprehend all that I read
I read non-stop
I absorb both words and meaning
I understand how I read
I read faster every day

I am happy
People like me
I am a nice person
I am important
I make a difference to the world
I am motivated
I like my work
I am succeeding
I am positive
I am confident
I manage my money well
I am a responsible person
I am in control of my life
I am doing more of the things I enjoy
I am achieving my goals
People make me happy
I am cherished
I am free to be myself
I am important
I am loved
I am strong
I am sure of myself
I am worthy of all good things
I am worthy of happiness
I am worthy of love
I am worthy of respect
I am worthy of success
I aquire what I want
I attain all of my goals
I believe in myself
I come first in my life
I enjoy myself
I feel better about myself daily
I follow my heart fearlessly
I have great worth
I have high self-esteem
I increase in confidence daily
I know what I stand for
I know what is best for me
I know who I am
I like myself more each day
I listen to my heart
I love all that I am
I love my body and mind
I love myself completely
I love what I say
I make myself proud
I say positive things about myself
I seek out what my heart wants
It is now okay to love myself
My beliefs are good
I speak positively of myself
I think positive thoughts of myself
I listen to my dreams
I follow my dreams
I attain my dreams
I am happy attaining my dreams

**Powerful personality
Every day in every way I am becoming more aware of my strength
I am able to unleash my potential to direct and lead others
I have the power and ability to attain my goals
I am a powerful negotiator and get what I want
I am forceful and dynamic as required in situations

**Super self-confidence
I am a great person
I am confident and able
I am in control
I am individual
I am my own motivator
I am my own person
I am positive about all things
I am sure and confident
I am sure of my feelings
I am wonderful
I am worthy of my confidence
I ask for help when I need it
I believe good things about myself
I believe in myself
I can influence others for good
I control my future
I determine my own future
I grow more confident each day
I have an attractive personality
I have faith in everything that I do
I have faith in myself
I have my own free will to act as I choose
I know myself
I know what is right and I do it
I know who I am and what I stand for
I love myself
I make great decisions
I think before I act
I think good thoughts of myself
I trust in myself
I trust myself
I use my own judgement
It is okay for me to be confident
My confidence grows daily
My confidence is growing daily
My confidence is noticed by all
My self esteem grows daily
People enjoy being around me
I can justify what I do
I am right
I am confident
I am excited about doing new things
I enjoy challenges
I am a brave person
I am interesting
People like me
I have lots of friends
I am good at what I do

**Superior decision making
I am a natural leader
I am a strong leader
I am aware of problems when they occur
I am confident in my decisions
I ask for help when needed
I control my life
I enjoy decision making
I enjoy helping
I forsee potential problems
I handle problems with ease
I have great intuition
I investigate each situation
I make decision instantly
I make decisions easily and quickly
I make great decisions daily
I make informed decisions
I make the best decisions
I make the right choices
I make wise decisions
I offer fantastic advice
I prepare for the future
I solve every problem
I solve problems with ease
I weigh up all possibilities

**The virtue of patience
I am calm
I am patient
I am relaxed
I can be patient
I can wait
I desire to be patient
I have control over my feelings
I invite calmness
I occupy time while waiting
I refuse haste
I release stress
I use time to my advantage
I wait calmly when I need
I will be patient
Patience is good for me
Patience makes me stronger
Waiting is okay

**Will power
I am strong
I make careful decisions
I go for it
I believe in myself
I trust my instincts
I am determined
I am filled with willpower
I am proud of my abilities
I have faith in myself
I am ready and able
I have great inner strength
I have tremendous mental power
I am a take charge person

**Attract Love – English

Yes! I can be fulfilled
I love myself, I appreciate myself
I feel connected to the power of love in my life
I yearn for love with total self-appreciation
I let my desire activate every part of my being
I let my heart be touched, I let the magic flow
I awaken to the touch of love
My love attracts equal and balanced love
I am open and available, passionate and full
I am receiving love, love comes to me
I feel turned on, I can be touched
Every cell of my body exudes beauty and love
This love that is mine creates miracles in my world
I feel the movement of love in all of my life
Yes! I can love and be loved
Joy and beauty fill my life
My heart is open, my heart is wise and mature
I feel my love attracting love
I attract the love I desire
I rest in the arms of love

**Attract Love – Indonesia

yah, aku bisa memenuhi (melakukannya) nya..
aku cinta diriku, aku menghargai diriku
aku merasa terhubung dengan aliran cinta dalam hidupku
ku berhasrat untuk cinta dengan penghargaan diriku secara total
aku biarkan keinginan ku menghidupkan setiap bagian dari diriku..
ku biarkan hatiku disentuh, ku biarkan keajaiban terjadi
aku bangun denga sentuhan cinta
cinta ku menarik cinta yang sama dan seimbang
aku terbuka dan bersedia, bergairah dan penuh cinta
aku menerima cinta, cinta yang datang padaku
aku merasa dihidupkan, aku bisa disentuh
setiap sel ditubuhku penuh akan kecantikan (ketampanan) dan cinta
cinta ini adalah milikku yang mampu membuat keajaiban diduniaku
aku merasakan gerakan cinta dalam setiap hidupku
ya aku bisa mencintai dan dicintai
kesnangan(kebahagian) dan keindahan mengisi hidupku
hatiku terbuka, hatiku bijak hatiku dewasa
kurasakan cintaku menarik cinta
aku menarik cinta yang kuinginkan
kuserahkan semuanya ditangan cinta


2 thoughts on “Kata-Kata + Program Brainwave

  1. random

    Hi azulyc,
    sy liat post kamu ttg korea salon di bali namanya shiny. sy pegi ke sono udh tutup tuh salon. ada kontaknya ga? ato tau dia pindah kemana? Thanks

    1. azulyc Post author

      Hi Ivanr,

      Thank you for your kind comment on my webpage.

      Korean Salon Shiny memang sudah tutup, sejak 4 bulan yang lalu. Encik Korean yang punya sudah balik ke Korean, curhatan nya gak tahan hidup panas di Bali, juga Salon nya sepi, banyak orang prefer ke Johnny & Yopie, profit Salon nya gak cukup untuk makan Teupokki bareng Gw di Sanur :-D

      Here are some alternative Salon infos below:
      Kiki’s Salon at Mystique Hotel Seminyak.
      Aspya Day Spa and Hair Space on Drupadi. Wilson is a legend.
      Marco Salon – https://www.facebook.com/hairbeautymakeupideas
      Glo on Danau Poso
      Hair World, try Irwin.
      Shampoo Lounge di Seminyak, close to Sunset Rd. Traffic Light’s corner & Jari Menari or Guardian Drug Store.


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