Iblis 4

Amducias – Grand Duke of Hades. According to Wierius a demon of music.

Amon, Ammon – (Egyption) Sun God. Much like Lucifer except controls reproduction and life. See also Amaimon, Amoymon, Amaymon, and Aamon.

Amy – One of the 72 spirits of Solomon. Said to be supreme president of hell. He will trade knowledge for the human soul.

Anamelech, Anomylech – (Assyrian) bearer of bad news. An obscure demon. His name means “good king”. Some sources claim Anamelech is the moon goddess while Andramalech is the sun god.

Andras – (Unk) god of quarrels. Grand marquis of hell.

Andrealphus – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Andromalius – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Anini – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Anneberg – (German) demon of mines.

Ansitif – (unk) Possessed Sister Barbara of St. Michael in 1643 during the possessions of the nuns at Louviers.

Apollyn – (Greek) Another name for Satan.

Ardat-Lile – (Semitic) a female spirit/demon who weds human beings and wreaks havoc in the dwellings of men.

Arioch – (unk) Demon of vengence. He delivers vengence only when called on.

Arphaxat – (Unk) The demon who possessed Loise de Pinterville during the possession of the nuns at Loudun.

Ashtaroth, Astaroth – (Phonician)- goddess of lust, seduction. Same as Ishtar. Turned male in christian mythology – Lord Treasurer of Hell. Prince of accusers and inquisitors. Demon of vanity and sloth. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.

Asmodeus, Asmoday – (Hebrew) god of lust. A demon most commonly involved in possession cases, particularily noted in the possession of the Louviers nuns. Evolved from the Persian Aeshma. See Aeshma.

Aosoth – Dark female force in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. Works of passion and death. The name should be vibrated.

Asmodeus – (Heb) devil of sensuality and luxury, originally ‘creature of judgement’. He was the overseer of all the gambling houses in the court of Hell, and the general spreader of dissipation. In addition, Asmodeus was the demon of lust, responsible for stirring up matrimonial trouble.

Asmoday – A king of hell according to the Key of Solomon. He can grant invincibility.

Astarte – Queen of spirits of the dead.

Atazoth – The most powerful of the Dark Gods in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles. The name itself signifies in one sense the purpose of the cosmic cycies and the opening of the Gates since ‘Atazoth’ as a word means ‘an increasing of azoth.

Awar – Son of Iblis. Arab demon of laziness.

Aym – (Unk) Grand duke of hell. Also Haborym.

Ayperos – (Unk) Prince of hell. Subordinate in Grimoire of Pope Honorius.

Azanigin – Mother of all demons who lie waiting in Earth in the pantheon of the Order of the Nine Angles.

Azathoth – Rules all time and space from a black throne at the center of Chaos.

Azazel – (Hebrew) god/demon of war. See also Azael.

Baal, Bael – (Hebrew) devil. Means “the lord.” The Canaanites worshipped Baal and held rituals at which children were burned for sacrifice. According to Wierius, this demon is the first monarch of hell and appears as a three headed beast. Bael is cited in the Grand Grimiore as commanding general of infernal armies.

Baalberith, Balberith – (Canaanite) Lord of covenant later made god of death. According to Wierius – a demon master of the infernal alliance. In some hierarchies he is the secretary of the archives of hell. Demon of blasphemy and murder.

Baalzephon – (Canaanite) Captain of guard and sentinels of Hell according to Wierius.

Babael – (Unk) Keeper of graves.

Balaam – (Hebrew) avarice and greed.

Balan – (Unk) A demon in Wierius’ hierarchy said to be high in the monarchy. The demon of finesse and ruses. Also a prince of hell.

Balban – (Unk) a demon of delusion.

Baltazo – (Unk)The Demon who possessed Nicole Aubry of Laon in 1566.

Baphomet – God of the Templars. Worshiped as Satan. The Templar’s are thought, by some, to be one of the earliest sects of Demonolatry.

Barbas – (Unk) a demon of mechanics according to some hierarchies.

Barbetos – (Unk) Duke of Hades.

Bar-Lgura – (Semitic) A gargoyle type demon who is said to sit atop houses and pounce on the inhabitants.

Barqu – (Unk) The demon who keeps the secrets of the philosophers stone.

Barzabel – Associated with Machidael and Barchiel.

Bast – (Egyption) goddess of pleasure. Represented by a cat.

Bathym, Bathim, Bathin – (Unk) See also Marthim. Demon of herbs and precious stones according to Wierius. One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.

Bayemon – (Unk) According to the Grimiore of Pope Honorius a reigning monarch demon presiding over western infernal region.

Bechard, Bechaud – (Unk) A demon mentioned in Key Of Solomon as demon of tempests. Demon of the natural forces.

Beelzebub, Beelzebuth, Belzebath – (Hebrew) Lord of Flies. Among the demons blamed for the demonic possessions of the nuns at Loudun. Chief of false gods.

Behemoth – (Hebrew) Another name for Satan.

Beherit – (Syriac) Another name for Satan.

Belial, Beliar – (Hebrew) The earth elemental. Speculation has suggested the name Belial comes from the Hebrew phrase beli ya ‘al meaning “without worth.” Prince of trickery. One of the 72 princes of Solomon.

Belphegor, Belphegore, Baalphegor – (Moabites?) Demon of discovery, invention, and riches.

Beng – A romany name for the devil.

Berith – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Biffant – (Unk) The demon who allegedly possessed Denise de la Caille.

Bifrons – (Unk) Wierius’ demon of astronomy, geometry, and other such sciences. A demon who lights strange lights above tombs of the dead.

Bile – (Celtic) god of Hell.

Bileth – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Blisargon – (Unk) Grand enticer of theives until he brings his followers to destruction.

Botis – One of the 72 spirits of Solomon.

Budsturga – A blue, aetherial entity related to Order of the Nine Angles’ l3th path. Tradition relates it as a Dark God, of female aspect, trapped in the vortex between the causal and acausal spaces, In one sense represents hidden wisdom – but generally dangerous to sanity.

Buer – (Unk) a demon of the second order who commands fifty legions. One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Bune – (Unk) One of Wierius’ demons of death.

Caacrinolaas – (Unk) Wierius’ demon of knowledge of liberal arts. Appears as a Griffon. Also Grand President of Hell. Also Caasimolar or Glasya.

Cambions – (Unk) Offspring of Incubi and Succubi.

Carreau – Mercilessness.

Cassiel, Caspiel – (Unk) Ruler of Saturn.

Caym, Caim – (Unk) Grand President of Hell. One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Chamos – no description.

Charon – Boatman of hell. Ferries souls across styx and/or archeron.

Chax – (Unk) Grand duke of hell. Also Scox.

Chemosh – (Moabite) devil.

Chomie – (Enochian) no description.

Choronzon – demon of dispersion, guardian of the Abyss.

Cimeries – (African) devil.

Clauneck – Demon over treasures and riches.

Clisthert – (Unk) a demon who can change day to night and night to day.

Colopatiron – Of the 9th hour of the Nuctemeron, genius. Sets prisons open.

Cresil – (Unk) Demon of impurity and slovenliness. Also Gressil.

Cunali – One of the demons of the 8th hour of the Nuctemeron.

Cusion – no description.

Dagon – (Philistine) another serpent god and god of ocean.

Dameal, Deamiel – no description

Dantalian – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Decarabia – One of the 72 Spirits of Solomon.

Delepitorae, Delepitore – (Unk) demoness of sorcery enlightenment.

Demogorgon, Gorgo – (Greek) devil.

Demoriel – no description

Diriel – no description

Dracula – (Romanian) devil.

Eblis – (Mohammedan) Also called the “Satan” of the Mohammedans. It is claimed that once he was an inhabitant of Azazil, the heaven nearest God; and when the angels were commanded to bow down to the first man, Eblis was the leader of those who rebelled. Also Haris. *Kok nama muhamad masuk ya?

Emma-O – (Japanese) ruler of Hell.

Euronymous, Eurynomous – (Greek) god of death. Prince of hell who feeds upon corpses.

Flereous, Feurety – (Unk) god of fire. Fire Elemental used in place of Satan. Lieutenant of hell.

Furfur – (Unk) Holds rank as count of hell.

Geryon – (literary- Dante) Centaur/Dragon who guards hell.

Guecubu – (Chili) Evil spirits.

Haborym – (Hebrew) Another name for Satan.

Hecate – (Greek) goddess of underworld and sorcery. Queen of witches.

Hela – (Teutonic) goddess of death, daughter of Loki.
1. Bathin adalah seorang gubernur yang muncul dengan wujud seorang perkasa dengan ekor ular yang menunggangi kuda putih. ia mengajarkan pengetahuan herbal dan batuan bertuah, dan ia dapat memindahkan summoner dari satu negara ke negara lainnya. ia memerintah 30 legiun iblis.

2. Saleos adalah seorang gubernur yang muncul berwujud prajurit tampan bermahkota yang menunggang buaya, dengan kesan damai. ia menyebabkan cinta antara perempuan dan laki-laki. ia memerintah 30 legiun iblis.

3. Marax adalah seorang bupati dan presiden yang muncul dalam wujud seekor lembu dengan wajah manusia. ia mengajarkan astronomi dan pengetahuan liberal, herbal, dan batuan bertuah. Morax dalam bahasa latin berarti penghentian. ia memerintah 30 legiun iblis.

4. Aim adalah seorang gubernur yang memerintah 26 legiun iblis yang berwujud laki-laki tampan tapi berkepala tiga, ular, manusia dengan dua pentagram di kening, dan kepala rusa. ia mengendarai ular dan memegang pedang api. ia dapat menyebabkan kota, kastil dan tempat besar kebakaran dengan pedangnya (jgn2 biang keladi jakarta kebakaran tuh dia ). ia dapat juga mempermalukan seseorang dan menjawab hal yang bersifat privasi (demen gosip loe? )

5. Naberius adalah seorang bangsawan berwujud merak yang ribut, mondar-mandir, dan bahasanya kasar. ia mengajarkan seni, khususnya seni retorika, dan memulihkan kehormatan diri. ia memerintah 19 legiun iblis.

6. Glasya-Labolas adalah seorang presiden dan bupati yang berwujud anjing dengan bersayap elang. ia mengajarkan seni pertumpahan darah dan pembantaian secara instan ( dame aja ah ). dia juga bisa meramal. dia bisa menumbuhkan persahabatan antar teman atau musuh, dan membuat orang invisible. ia memerintah 36 legiun iblis.

7. Bune adalah seorang gubernur dengan bentuk naga berkepala tiga: manusia, grifon (buckbeak di harry potter), dan anjing. Ia bersuara lembut dengan bahasa yang sopan tapi suaranya keras. Ia memindahkan mayat dalam kuburan, menambah kekayaan dan menjawab pertanyaan dengan benar. Ia memerintah 30 legiun iblis

8. Ronove adalah seorang bangsawan dengan wujud manusia kecil berekor mirip monyet. Ia mengajarkan retorika dan menghubungkan antara teman dan musuh. Ia memerintah 19 legiun iblis. Konon iblis ini memanen arwah manusia dan hewan yang meninggal karena sakit.

9. Berith adalah seorang gubernur dengan wujud prajurit berbaju dan berkulit merah menunggangi kuda yang juga merah dengan napas yang beracun. Ia mampu mengubah logam menjadi emas. Ia berbicara dengan bahasa yang jelas terdengar, juga memerintah 26 legiun iblis. Namanya berasal dari bahasa Babilonia, Biritu yang berarti dewa yang disembah di kota Beirut. Ia bisa memperindah suara bagi penyanyi. Ia kuat saat bulan Juni, musuh bebuyutannya adalah St Barnabas. Cara memanggilnya adalah…(NO WAY!!!) setelah dipanggil ia akan memenuhi semua keinginan Summoner selama 20 tahun, setelah itu ia akan meminta bayaran akan semua layanan yang ia berikan (pesugihan…).

10. Astaroth adalah seorang gubernur dengan wujud malaikat bersayap 4 (seorang seraphim) yang penuh luka dengan mengendarai serigala atau anjing, dengan menggenggam ular, napasnya bersifat merusak. Ia menjawab jujur mengenai segala sesuatu, rahasia waktu, dan bagaimana kisah malaikat yang jatuh dari surga termasuk bagaimana kejatuhannya sendiri. Ia mengajarkan pengetahuan liberal, kerajinan tangan, matematika, bagaimana cara menjadi tak terlihat, bagaimana berkomunikasi serta menundukkan ular dan ia memerintah 40 legiun iblis. Ia punya 4 pelayan (Amon, Pruslas, Barbatos dan Rashaverak). Ia adalah salah seorang malaikat neraka yang mengunjungi Faust dalam bentuk ular sepanjang dua kaki berleher kecil. Ia dikenal masyarakat Mesir sebagai dewi Isis.


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