Enochian, Bahasa Iblis

Enochian, Bahasa Bangsa Iblis & Para Satanist

Hampir semua satanist tahu kunci Enochian dari Satanic Bible. Kunci Enochian digunakan dalam ritual dan berdoa di sekte Satanist.

Kunci Enochian terdiri dari 19 bagian, Cth :

Kunci Enochian pertama :

Kunci pertama dalam bahasa Inggris

I reign over you, saith Satan/Lucifer In power exalted above the firmaments And over the earth; in whose hands The sun is as a sword And the moon as a thorough-thrusting fire: Who measureth your garments In the midst of my vestures And trussed you together as the palms of my hands And brightened your vestments with infernal light. I made a law to govern my sons and daughters. I delivered truth and furnished to you The power of understanding. Moreover, ye lifted up your voices And swore obedience and faith to Satan/Lucifer Who liveth and triumpheth, whose beginning is not Nor end cannot be. Who shineth as a flame In the midst of your palace and reigns amongst you As the balance of righteousness and truth. Move therefore and show yourselves! Open the mysteries of your creation! Be friendly unto me! For I am the servant of the same! The true worshipper of Satan/Lucifer In glory and power exalted, Of the kingdom of the south.

Kunci pertama dalam bahasa Enochian

Ol sonuf vorsag goho Satan lonsh Calz od vors caosgo; sobra zol Ror i ta nazps od graa Ta malprg: Ds hol-q qaa nothoa zimz Od Commah ta nobloh zien od luciftian Oboleh a donasdogamatastos. O ohorela taba Ol nore od pasbs ol zonrensg Vaoan od tooat nonucafe gmicalzoma. Pilah Farzm znrza od surzas Adna od Gono de Satan, ds hom od Toh. Soba croodzi ipam ul vls Ipamis. Ds loholo vep nothoa poamal Od bogpa aai ta piap piamol Od vaoan. Zacare ca od zamran! Odo cicle qaa! Zorge! Zir noco! Hoath Satan bvfd lonsh londoh babage

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Kamus Enochian – English :


abiding= cafafam/casasam (variation)
ability= bab
above the firmaments=calz
according to= marb
action= sor
act= (towards us)= imuamar
add= uml, vml
admiration= rsam
admiration, (with)= g-rsam
age= homin
ages (eras, eons)= homin
ages,(the true)=homil
age, with age =homin
alchemical sulfur= dlasod
all= tol, ton
all creatures=tolhami
all one= L, il
all powerful=iaidon
all things= tofglo
also= t, dst
always= paid
am (I am)= zir, zirdo
am (I am the lord your god)=zirenaiad
amidst= nothoa
among= aaf aai, aao, eai, oai, nothoa
among us= aaiom
among you= aai
amongst=aaf, aao, bogpa
and= od, sa, das
and =ds
angel= merifri/murifri
anger= unph, vonph, vonpho
anger (is wrath and anger)=ivonpovnph
angle= diu
of the fourth angle=sdiv
of the second angle=vivdiv
of the third angle=dviv
another= symp, simp, smnad, ca,
one another=lsmnad
with another=asymp
any, at any= droln
appear= zamran, zacar
and appear=odzamran
apply (one’s self)= imvarmar
apply yourselves to us=imvarmar
are =chis, biab
are as=chista
are as the third=chistad
are become=noas
are covered=ethamz
are divided=poilp
are garnished=hvbar
are harbored=blans
are measured=chisholq
are mighty=chismicaolz
are prepared=abramig
are (you are; thou art)=geh
are not=gchisge
these are=vnalchis
(they are)= chiis, chis, chiso, zchis
(we are)= gea
are, (shall be) =chiso
are, art =geh
are they=chiis
arise= torzu, torzul, torzulp, torgu, torgv, torzv
ark= erm
ark of knowledge=iadnah
art thou=ils
as= ca, ta (even as)= plosi
as many= plosi
as unto= pugo
(are as)=chista
(such as)=corsta
as receivers=ednas
(is as)=ita
(even as)=nomig
as pleasant deliverers=obelisong
as unto=pvgo
(or as)=qta
as continual comforters=tablior
as is not=tage
as the first= talo
as bucklers= talolcis
as sharp sickles=tapvin
as olives=taqanis
as the second=taviv
away, come away=niiso, niisa
Kunci itu adalah ayat yang digunakan dalam ritual/berdoa. Sama seperti doa Bapa kami dalam agama kristen yang digunakan untuk berdoa.

Kunci kedua dalam bahasa Inggris

Can the wings of the winds
Understand your voices of wonder
O you, sons and daughters of Satan?
Of whom hell-fire has framed within
The depths of my jaws;
Whom I have prepared as a gathering
For a wedding, or as the flowers
In their beauty for the chambers
Of pleasure. Stronger are your feet
Than the barren stone,
And mightier are your voices
Than the manifold winds;
For you are become a building
Such as is not,
Save in the mind of Satan/Lucifer,
The All-Powerful.
Arise! Move!
Therefore unto his servants;
Show yourselves in power,
And make me a strong seer of things;
For I am of Satan/Lucifer
Who lives forever!

Kunci kedua dalam bahasa Enochian

Adgt vpaah zong om faaip sald,
Nonci nore od pasbs de Satan?
Sobam Donasdogamatastos
Izazaz piadph; casarma abramg ta aldi
Paracleda q ta lorslq turbs ooge
Qvasahi. Givi chis lusd orri, od micalp chis bia ozongon;
Lap noan trof cors ta ge,
O q manin de Satan tol-lonsh
Torzu! zacare! ca c noqod;
Zamran micalzo od ozazm vrelp lap
Zir de Satan apila gohed!

Kamus Enochian – English :
balance= prap
the balance= piamo
-be (become)= noan, noaln, noar, noas, noasmi, nenni
-he/she/it is= i
-I am= zir, zirdo
-they are= chiis, chis, chiso
-you are; thou art= geh
-was= as, zirop
-it was= nostoah
-were= zirom
-be friendly (unto me)= zorge
-be mighty= omicaolz
be numbered=cormpt
-be thou= bolp
be to the Earth= caosgon
-cannot be= ipamis
-is not= ipam
-let there be= christeos
may be= noaln
not to be measured= maoffas
-shall be= trian
and shall be=chiso
beasts, beasts of the field, for the =levithmong
Beautified= vrbs
beautify= urbs; viruden
beauty= turbs, tvrbs
because= bagle, baglen
become= noas
become strong= vgeg
become, they are become =inoas
become, thus you are= noan
-is become= noar
-let them become= noasmi
-may become= noaln
-you are become= noan
-you have become= nenni
bed= tianta
before= aspt
before you/thee= ylsi, ilsi
-go before= tustax
begin= amgedpha
I begin anew=amgedpha
beginning= acroodzi, croodzi, gevamna, iaod, iaodaf
in the beginning= iaodaf
the beginning= croodzi, iaod
thy beginning= croodzi
whose beginning= baltoh
beginnings= croodzi
begotton= gedotbar
behold= micma
bind= allar
bind up=allar
bitter sting= grosb
blood, blood of= cnila
branch(s)= lilonon
breath, living breath= gigipah
bright=lvciftian, luciftian
brightness= lvciftian, luciftian, luciftias, lvciftias
dwelling in the brightness=faonts
bring down= drix
bring forth= yolcam, iolcam, yolci
bringeth= iolci
bringeth out= iolci
brother= esiasch
the brothers=esiasch
buckler= lolcis
buckles= talolcis
building= orsca, trof
built= on
burn= ialpon
burning= ialpor
burning flame(s)= ialprg, ialpvrg
and burning= olpirt
with contuinual burning lamps=peoal
but= crip, crp, oq, crpl
by= saanir


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